What Equipment is Required for a Freshly Acquired Boat?

There is no denying that people love going on outings on boats or marine ships. Having fun activities with families and friends on boats is a dream for many. But boating is as risky as being enthusiastic and joyful. That's why it is important to take vital precautions and safety measures before going on a boat trip. 

However, this is not enough; boat owners should also be careful with the marine hardware supply used in their boats. If you have purchased your own boat, you are highly advised to go through the marine superstore and collect the equipment necessary for your freshly acquired boat. 

Now, you must be wondering what supplies you need for your boat and where you can find this information. Well, then, no need to worry! We have covered you with the list of items you will need for your new boat. 

Equipment You Need for Your New Boat

Boat Safety Equipment

You can start your collection of necessary supplies with boat safety items because safety measures should always be the top priority on any risky trip. You should have life jackets, throwable flotation devices, fire extinguishers, visual signaling devices, and sound signaling devices. 

Apart from the above, some more Should-Have Safety Equipment for Boats are listed below. 

  • Medical kit for cuts, scrapes, seasickness, or small emergencies
  • Anchor with a line to hold your boat in place while you wait for help to arrive
  • Bailing device or bucket to dewater and stay afloat
  • Oars or paddles if the engine quits
  • VHF radio to call for help
  • Knife to cut a line around a fouled propeller
  • Snorkel mask to inspect what's going on under the boat
  • Heavy duty flashlight
  • Cellphone to call for help
  • Skier or diver down flag
  • Working running lights if your boat is equipped with them
  • A way to get weather updates because things can change quickly, even on a lake

Registration Numbers and Proper Documentation

It is also important to be careful with the paperwork and stickers for your boat. You can check with your local government to be sure about the matter. Keeping these papers safe and dry in a small waterproof pouch while you're on the boat is a good idea; you must follow it if you have your boat. Also, please don't get confused here with those bigger waterproof bags we generally use for keeping things like cameras and phones. 

Personal Floatation Devices

Next, the marine hardware supply you should consider purchasing is life jackets. This is not only about the number of people boarding your boat but also about their sizes. If kids are part of the cruising plans, then children's life jackets are a must. Some manufacturers also make "big and tall" life jackets for adults who shop in sizes larger than XL. So that if you face any dangerous situation, you will not have to regret the shortage of life jackets

Basic First Aid Kit

After the life jackets are stocked at the marine superstore, buy a basic first aid kit for your onboard gear. Numerous manufacturers make these kits, particularly for boats, from hydration tablets for dehydrated people to survival blankets for people who bear extreme heat or cold.

A normal marine first aid kit includes:

  • Antiseptic wipes to clean wounds
  • First aid cream
  • A variety of adhesive bandages
  • Gauze pads
  • Aspirin
  • Adhesive tape
  • Cold packs
  • Scissors
  • Sting relief wipes

Visual and Sound Signaling Devices

Suppose something goes wrong while you are boating, then in such scenarios, ofcourse, you will need some tools used as a signal for help. Thats where you will need visual and sound signaling devices in your boat. 

If your boat is smaller than 16 feet and you don't plan to go out at night, you are ready for boating without needing this supply. But if your boat is 16 feet or bigger, you'll need distress flags, floating smoke signals, and flares. A marine superstore that vends boating supplies can explain what's best for your boat.

Fenders and Docking Equipment

Okay! So now you have packed sound signaling devices, the next marine hardware supply you will need to buy is fenders. These are like cushions for your boat. Actually, when you park your boat next to a dock or another boat, the chances of colliding increase. Thats why putting these fenders between them is important to stop the boats from coming in contact. It's a good idea to have at least two of them. Depending on your boat and its use, you should also get special fenders for different parts of your boat, like the corners or the swim platform. Also, remember to get an anchor and a line to help keep your boat in place when you're not moving.

Boating Accessories

This equipment is not something necessary to safeguard you. Instead, it's for fun and joy, so you can make your boat super cool with awesome gear and extras! Here are some ideas:

  1. Soft, fluffy towels for drying off after swimming.
  2. A cooler to keep all your drinks, snacks, and ice cold while enjoying the sunshine.
  3. Water skis and toys for playing in the water while being pulled by the boat.
  4. Remember sun protection! Always have extra sunscreen for anyone who needs to remember to bring their own. Consider getting a removable shade like a Bimini top to stay cool when the sun is strong.

And here's a smart tip: getting a floating keychain is a good idea if your boat's keys don't float. This way, if your keys accidentally fall into the water, they won't sink! Some floating keychains even have small compartments inside where you can stash cash or other small things when heading off the boat to a beach bar or restaurant. Cool, right?

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